Run 3

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Run 3 is an incredible racing game in which you may compete in an unending race, and the primary objective of the game is for you to guide a little alien across space. You can play Run 3 here.

How to Play

Joseph Cloutier, an American businessman, was the brains behind the creation of Run 3. Your objective is to go as far and as quickly as you can while avoiding falling down. As you go from one level to the next, it is important to watch out for falling tiles, holes, and other hazards. Run 3 is playable on mobile devices running iOS and Android in addition to online browsers. In the Explore mode, you will be able to make your way through the levels, and in the Infinite mode, you will be able to put your arrow key abilities to the test in an endless version of the game.


There is an almost infinite number of ways to enhance your gameplay, like changing the gravity, running along walls, and jumping over barriers.
Discovering new alien personalities with enhanced capabilities may be of tremendous assistance to you in your fight for survival.
Graphics that are one-of-a-kind blend 3D action with a cartoonish look.
The game's easy-to-use controls make it a breeze to get in and get started.

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  • Arrows to move
  • Space or Up arrow to jump
  • R to reset
  • P to pause the game