Skibidi in the Backrooms
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Skibidi in the Backrooms

Skibidi in the Backrooms

Skibidi In The Backrooms is an exciting adventure game in which the player's objective is to collect as many films as they can without being discovered by Skibid.

Instructions on Skibidi in the Backrooms

The game Skibidi In The Backrooms was developed by Catom Games. You have to go through all of the Backrooms in order to win. This is a terrifying location, which, for some reason, has been haunted by Skibidi Toilets. To improve your chances of surviving, you should make it a priority to gather as many videotapes as you possibly can. To get rid of all of the toilets in the city, you will need to be a skilled photographer.

Main Features

  • Engaging in playful play
  • Controls that are simple and straightforward to utilize
  • Numerous Varieties of Activities
  • Get your hands on a huge variety of ingredients.

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