Blob Giant 3D
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Blob Giant 3D

Blob Giant 3D

In order for the jellybeans of the same color to expand, you must touch and rush them in the game Blob Giant 3D, which is an outstanding casual game.

Instructions for Blob Giant 3D

If you want to win Blob Giant 3D, all you have to do is assume the part of a jelly figure that transforms into different colors as you race across a level that is filled with jelly. In addition, in order to win, you need to make the most of the energy you have in order to jump to the inflated cushion. Remember that you should also gather the ones that are the same color as you will be. You should steer clear of any obstructions that might take you to the depths of the ocean. Because of your dogged perseverance and impressive abilities, you will be able to make it through this treacherous adventure.

Main Features

  • Steer clear of lethal traps.
  • Create skins that are full of life for your blobs.
  • Fights huge battles against bosses that are enormous blobs
  • Develop and strengthen your colorful army as you build it up.
  • Determine your course in order to rescue your comrades.

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