Halloween Bubble Shooter

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Halloween Bubble Shooter is an exceptional Bubble Shooter game designed specifically for the Halloween holiday season. The primary objective is to establish connections between three or more bubbles of identical color.

Halloween Bubble Shooter instructions

Hoot to group three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. Achieve a superior score presently and surpass the Halloween Bubble shooter game. Attempt to eliminate all bubbles using the fewest number of shots feasible. Despite the presence of bubble clusters on the screen, it is advisable to engage in the act of popping the candies in order to successfully complete the level. Throughout the course of your journey, you will come across a diverse array of boosters, like dynamites and thunders, which will aid you in successfully accomplishing your objective.

Main Features

  • The game Bubble Shooter is characterized by its simplicity yet has a significant level of challenge.
  • It is imperative to rupture all bubbles prior to the occurrence of a red line.
  • There exist multiple levels that require completion.
  • Modify the ammunition utilized to align with the presence of bubbles on the game board.
  • Engage in a comparative analysis of your scores with those of your friends in order to determine the individual with the highest score.

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