Marble Dash
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Marble Dash

Marble Dash

In the puzzle shooting game known as Marble Dash, your goal is to remove all of the marbles that are in the path before they reach the finish line.

Instructions for the game Marble Dash

The Zuma-like gameplay of Marble Dash, a bubble shooter with marbles, is now accessible. Match 3 legends will lead you on an adventure through the fantastical jungles, sandy beaches, and puzzling underworlds. To solve puzzles, pop colorful balls! Have fun with the vibrant graphics, and see how well you can aim.

Your objective is to remove all of the marbles from the track in advance of them reaching their destination. It is necessary to match at least three marbles of the same hue in order to remove them from the course. In order to remove marbles from the track, you need to make a match of at least three of the same colored marbles from the same group.

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