Rolling Halloween
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Rolling Halloween

Rolling Halloween

Rolling Halloween is a highly enjoyable and informal Halloween activity. The primary objective is to gather all the pumpkin balls in order to unlock the Halloween balls and enhance the capabilities of your powerups.

Instructions for Rolling Halloween

This Halloween-themed game entails the manipulation of a pumpkin entity, with the objective of evading perilous arboreal obstacles. This entertaining Halloween game has the objective of prolonging one's survival for the maximum duration. In order to obtain all necessary items, it is advisable to gather the magnets. The direction can be altered by employing the left and right arrows.


  • Complete the provided gaps to seize the opportune time involving a pumpkin.
  • Utilize power-ups and boosters as aids in the acquisition of pumpkins.
  • Achieve the highest rankings on the leaderboards by engaging in competitive challenges with both friends and other individuals.

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