Snowball Fight
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Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight is an exciting action game with a gorgeous snowball theme in which you must fight against the Grinch men to win as quickly as possible!


Snowball Fight will be accessible as a seasonal event mode until December 29th. A wonderful alternative is Snowball Fight Xmas, a casual game with a Christmas theme. Gophers want to throw snowballs at you. It's time to return to your youth and triumph! When it comes to snowballs, players will have an infinite supply. Snowball fun is best experienced over the holidays.


  • If someone is experiencing difficulty, they may use a "safety code" to halt the game.
  • Only snowballs may be thrown. Adding objects to a snowball is perilous.
  • Establish borders
  • Establish a time restriction.
  • Fair play is essential for all sides.

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