VEX 3 Xmas
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VEX 3 Xmas

VEX 3 Xmas

In the Vex Series version of VEX 3 Xmas, you have to dash and leap amid snowy landscapes, Christmas trees, and candy canes.

Guidelines for VEX 3 Christmas

Do you enjoy Christmas or the Vex games? VEX 3 Christmas blends the two. You'll encounter hundreds of perilous obstacles that will make progress exceedingly challenging. Your goal is to go through each perilous zone by using your leaping and sprinting abilities. Remember not to forget! Take caution not to lose or tumble into the pits. Vex 3 Xmas's sparkling lights and snowflakes vividly convey the joy of the season. The festive mood is further enhanced by immersive sounds.


  • Take on the role of a stick figure who enjoys jumping.
  • Ascend from one platform to the following.
  • With gold money, you can move like a missile.
  • Simple yet playable game visuals
  • You may increase your bounce by dodging specific things.

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