Fierce Shot
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Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot is a fantastic football game in which you must overcome all of the challenges in both the International Cup and the Continental Cup. The people who try to stop you from becoming the best in the world have a hopeless task ahead of them.

Directions for Playing Fierce Shot

If you win the International Cup and the Continental Cup, you will be at the top of the standings. You may spend as much time as you want in the game's practice mode perfecting your skills and learning to strike your targets more often. One of your favorite things is manga, and another is soccer.

As many goals as possible should be scored by deceiving the goalie and putting the ball into the back of the net. Swiping your finger over the screen on a mobile device, or using your mouse on a desktop computer, allows you to aim at the ball. Before time runs out, your team must score more points than your opponent's. You may be able to deflect their attacks or even launch a comeback.

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