Doodle Basketball

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In terms of basketball, Doodle Basketball is one of the most exceptional Google Doodle games.

How to play Doodle Basketball

It is highly recommended that you investigate Doodle Basketball immediately if you are an avid enthusiast of basketball games or doodle games. When participating in a basketball combat, you can experience an exhilarating level of excitement due to the beautiful theme. To participate in a head-to-head duel under time constraints, simply race to shoot baskets.   Special basketballs and costumes can also be unlocked, which can improve not only your appearance but also your potency.

Key Features

  • Utilizing realistic basketball mechanics to provide an authentic experience.
  • Gameplay that is both simple and addictive, and is founded on the principles of realistic physics.
  • Shooting accurately is the primary objective of limited basketballs, which are designed to achieve high scores.

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