Ace Moto Rider

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Ace Moto Rider is an interesting racing 3D game in which you have to reach the final line without crashing into any vehicles!


Here's a first-person motorbike driving game in 3D. It is really a game of skillful avoiding. In each level, you have to get to the end without hitting any other cars. The extra speed you get from nitro will help you finish the level faster, but it will also make it harder to avoid dangerous situations. Have fun!

The off-road motorcycle race that happens once a year will soon start. There are exciting tracks, the speed that goes beyond the limit, and bikes of many different colors. Everything you need is in Ace Moto Rider! Don't be afraid to enter the contest! You should also remember that your opponent is going very fast, so you have to be careful to stay away from his vehicle. You have a limited amount of time to speed up. Use the short time it takes to speed up to pass your opponent.