Geometry Jump
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Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

In the intriguing adventure game Geometry Jump, you must use your quick reflexes to get past every challenge and have fun with the daring obstacles!


A new version of the modifications we made to Geometry Jump is based on some extremely intriguing changes. A total overhaul has been made to Geometry Dash. You can control the game's pacing by making it go as quickly or slowly as you desire.
As you progress through each level, you will be in control of a square character. This game has a platform game feel to it. Click as soon as possible to let the character run over obstacles. Before your character can advance to the following level, you won't have to die a lot. A scoreboard can be used to keep track of how many times you attempt to complete the objectives of each level.
to tap, click, or hop while avoiding any obstacles to keep yourself safe.