Traffic Jam 3D

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Traffic Jam 3D is an awesome racing game in which you need to make an effort to reach checkpoints on time and buckle up your seatbelts and have fun


Get ready for the wildest and most exhilarating racing game you've ever experienced. You can strive to reach checkpoints in a certain amount of time, make a certain number of points in a certain amount of time, drive a certain distance in a certain amount of time, and so on. Buckle up your seatbelts and play Traffic Jam 3D if you're looking for some fun and adrenaline.


The gameplay is straightforward. Graphics and effects that attract the eye. Over twenty incredible autos with a wide range of factory and test specs To boost the Performance Rating, and upgrade the Engine, Brakes, and Handling. All of the gear ratios, ride height, front camber, and rear camber may be changed. Choose from a number of color palettes. Change the color of the car and the wheels. Go to the Driver Point and Driver Stats pages for further information about your driving. Unlock all 80 levels in Career, Infinite, Time Against, and Free. In Infinite Scenario, Time Against, and Free Scenarios, you can travel through highway, desert, or city. Drive early in the morning, late at night, and on weekends. Driving one-way or two-way

This game is similar to snow rider 3d


You WASD or the Arrow keys to play this game