Alien Town
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Alien Town

Alien Town

Alien Town is a great shooting game where you have to get rid of the aliens while making a statement in different ways: survival, Hardpoint, and Nuke!


Agent Briggs, it is your job to protect this city. You can kill the aliens with your trusted gun and make a statement.
Get to the mothership and blow it up to save people. You will be stopped by the invaders. You can expect to meet a lot of dirty creatures. If you have a gun in your hand, make sure that every bullet hits its mark. Use WASD to move around the streets and the left mouse button to shoot.


The round isn't over until all of the monsters in a certain city have been killed. There's no need to hurry. These two mistakes can kill you very quickly: If you want to take pictures while standing in the middle of the action, you should find a spot with a wall or other building behind you. This will make it impossible for anyone to jump on you.

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