Avoid The Spikes

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The arcade game Avoid The Spikes is an exhilarating experience that requires players to navigate through all spikes and achieve the highest score.

How to play Avoid the Spikes

To unwind, it is recommended that you visit Avoid The Spikes, which offers completely free activities. The rule is straightforward. In an effort to accumulate as many jewels as possible, it is sufficient to direct the circle ball through all thorns in the walls. Additionally, jumping is an option for overcoming all obstacles. 

Key Features

  • Obtain access to all 22 levels
  • Successfully navigates a ball through hazardous environments
  • Avoid obstacles and pitfalls
  • Gameplay that is situated in a world that is full of water
  • Increased precision through enhanced controls
  • Take pleasure in an exhilarating 3D balancing experience

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