Brawl Stars

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In Brawl Stars, players must devise a plan to uncover the game's many weaponry and complete the mission map's many challenges.


When playing Brawl Stars, the left analog stick may be replaced with the game's digital joystick. You may use the left joystick to aim, and the right one to fire at your enemies. When you make your shots, you may also increase the charge of your superpower. Along with the firing joystick, there is a second button that lets loose this devastating weapon.


Gems, star points, and coins are the three currencies in the game, from rarest to least. The hues of gemstones range from pink to star points to green to coins to yellow to green to pink. You'll find them in the upper right corner of your display.

The coin is by far the most popular object in circulation.

The Golden Rule

Additionally, positioning, movement, and decision-making are the three pillars upon which Brawl Stars rests. The key to your success will be smooth and accurate motions (movement). You should start practicing zigzagging immediately. Positioning is the next step. Walls and shrubs are a standard feature of every map, as you likely well know. Hide in the bushes or behind a wall. This is the best course of action. OK, now it's time to choose a choice (decision-making). Knowing when to launch an assault and when to take cover is essential. This is why keeping an eye on your life and attack bars is so important.