City Defense 2

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In City Defense 2, you will be tasked with protecting the city from an attack and maintaining order among the populace.

Instructions for City Defense 2

Relax and clear your mind with City Defense 2, a fun and challenging strategic arcade game. You will need to spend money on fortifications like walls, but more importantly, you will have to position blue stickmen so that they can fight the red stickmen. Remember to purchase tower defense and position it in an area that is advantageous to your strategy. This will assist you in surviving waves of attacks from the adversary and upgrading your defenses. As you go through the stages, you'll unlock the ability to purchase stronger protections.


  • Stacking and fusing the turrets together will result in a more powerful defense tower.
  • Bring your heroes into the fight, each with their own set of special talents and powers.
  • Players have a wide variety of options for different methods they might employ.

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