Classic Solitaire Blue
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Classic Solitaire Blue

Classic Solitaire Blue

Classic Solitaire Blue is an awesome puzzle game in which you have to make an effort to sort all cards into 4 piles on the left corner.

How to play

Classic Solitaire Blue is an updated version of the classic card game Solitaire. It answers the players' requests to mix "traditional" and "modern." It has the classic solitaire game that we all love, as well as a soothing soundtrack, so you can be sure to have hours of fun and brain teasers. When you add in the polished graphics that Softgames solitaire games are known for, this is a must-play for all solitaire fans. Enjoy this masterpiece of a card game!

Rules for Success

Put each card into one of the four piles on the left. First, choose how many cards you want to draw. For a beginner, one card is best, while three cards are tougher. To find the value of a card, turn it over and drag it onto a card of the opposite color and suit. The cards need to be put in order by their value. The base of each pile is an ace, and it has to be built up from aces to kings in order. A card, or a group of cards, can be moved to one of the seven columns if its rank and color suit match the column it is being moved to.

Key Features

- Accurate 3D graphics

- Accurate physics engine It's fun to play, there are four different courts, you can play with more than one person, there are leader boards and achievements, and it works on tablets.

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