Dino Rush - hypercasual runner

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In the great adventure game Dino Rush - hypercasual runner, you have to try to get away from the police and enjoy the Wild West.


Dino Rush – Hypercasual Run is a vertical version of the arcade game with stickman characters, dinosaurs, and a running track. You can ride a dinosaur and collect useful items. Red traps and cars are also stayed away from. When your dinosaur hits other cars or people on the road, it will get bigger.


A fun video game called Dino Rush, which is a hypercasual runner, shows the setting of Red Dead Redemption. You can run, run, and run some more in this game. As you try to avoid law enforcement and other roadblocks, you can enjoy the sounds and sights of the Wild West. Earn a lot of money, collect bones to level up, avoid many obstacles and either knock them down or move around them as much as possible. Enjoy yourself with this game.