Dirt Bike Racing Duel

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Dirt Bike Racing Duel

In the fantastic two-player racing game "Dirt Bike Racing Duel," your goal is to get your bike to the finish line as quickly as you can.


What if you ride your dirt bike through seven continents and numerous other nations, territories, and locations? For dirt bike races, your bike will be prepared. You must ride your bike safely and without colliding with the finish line. Both single-player and two-player modes are available when playing Dirt Bike. In the two-player mode, you can compete with a friend. These levels are multi-leveled and contain thrilling surprises. Be sure to frequently visit the store and don't forget to update or buy new bikes!


For Player 1, gas and brake are "W,S" and "A,D" for balance.

For Player 2, UP-DOWN ARROW KEYS. "Gas/Brake" Balance: LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS