Drac & Franc

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The two-player Drac & Franc game is exhilarating and entertaining. You have to make your way through some creepy, abandoned castle tunnels in the dark.


Make use of your companions' skills and the potions you've gathered to make your way through the maze. Frankenstein may use the skull of Dracula as a springboard to reach high areas. Stay away from any spikes, traps, or other hazards that might get in your way.

Join forces to beat the odds. The game has 15 levels for you to complete. As you go through the game, the challenges you encounter will increase in difficulty. More goods will need to be gathered. Find out how long it takes to complete the puzzles by looking at the various levels of expertise.


To move Drac, use the WAD keys.

Franc, the protagonist, may be navigated using the arrow keys.