Energy Clicker
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Energy Clicker

Energy Clicker

In the fantastic casual game known as Energy Clicker, you are tasked with pressing the pedal of the generator, which causes the generator to release an enormous amount of power and brighten the windows of the city.

Energy Clicker instructions

It is necessary to enhance your character's strength, intellect, and stamina in order to achieve victory in Energy Clicker. It is necessary to step more quickly on the pedal in order to create more energy. Additionally, your generators need to be upgraded and repaired as soon as possible in order to improve their overall efficiency. With your ability to think strategically and your lightning-fast reflexes, you will be able to conquer challenges.

Key Features

  • Find the improvements and prizes that are hidden around the city.
  • Improve the powers of your arsenal to make it more powerful.
  • You may test your mettle by completing difficult tasks and experiencing thrills that are fueled by adrenaline.

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