Evil Santa

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To eliminate an evil Santa in the new clicker action game Evil Santa, you'll need to summon an array of weapons and special skills.


The player is able to kick at Evil Santa. Relaxation techniques for when the pressure is on. The floor is yours to walk on. The narrative structure of the vast majority of creative innovations is linear. You are a thoughtful person with noble goals. The ones that need to be vanquished are the grumpy ones, or even worse, the people. It is possible to unravel these puzzles without resorting to hostility. Just put up a fight.


Sounds like the good old days of boss battles with McDonald's employees in the year 2000.

It was just pure brutality with no actual consequences.

The owner may choose from a wide variety of weapons, each of which has a unique mechanism. You may find anything from shiny balls and trees to punching boxes and weaponry here.