Fairyland Merge & Magic

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Fairyland Merge & Magic is a fantastic puzzle game in which you must solve all of the riddles by combining dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, and other characters!


Fairyland Merge and Magic offers you to explore a magical paradise island while simultaneously commanding a smiling fairy eager to make the world a better place. The only limit is your creativity! If you've always desired a dragon, now is the time to get one! The enchantment of unicorns, elves, and dragons may be enjoyed, but not fairytales!


  • Take one grape sprout and mix it with the other two.
  • Repeat with the remaining beds until the grapes are ripe.
  • Gather additional plants to create the magical key.
  • To explore the remainder of the island, activate the fog.
  • Find new things and heroes to help you explore Fairyland.