Fish Soccer

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Fish Soccer is an awesome soccer game that is similar to Head Soccer 2022 and Monster Soccer 3D and is suitable most for someone who desires both soccer and fish.


Football and seafood? You can't even see this scene in your fantasies. A fantastic game for fans of both! Additionally, the two-player mode allows you to play with a friend. Along with you are some smaller fish. They serve as your aid. Your fish are orange and blue in hue. Which fish will you be eating? Decide. The opponent's goal is where you want to toss the ball into the water. The color of your own fish will match the color of your own palace. Using the keyboard's keys, you'll strive to score the most goals possible. The game is enjoyable! Do you believe in yourself? Do you play football well? Come show your pal the evidence. Enjoy twice as much fun in two-player mode! You have 90 seconds to finish. The winner is the one who scores the most goals during this period! A wonderful time!


WASD Keys, P1 — Bonus: Tap T Keyboard P2: Arrows — Bonus: Press P