Fruit Ninja
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Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

It is an incredible arcade game called Fruit Ninja, in which you have to cut fruits twice or even more in order to get rid of them. Accumulate as many unique objects as you possibly can.

Instructions for Fruit Ninja

In order to progress through Fruit Ninja, you will need to swipe, slice, and chop your way through a wide variety of fruits, ranging from bananas to coconuts. During the time that you are attempting to raise your score by avoiding the explosives that are in your way, you should not forget to assume the character of a courageous and excited ninja. If you accept the challenge, you will inevitably become a fruit ninja legend.

Main Features

  • Earn unique rewards by putting your cutting talents to the test every day.
  • Participate in local multiplayer games with your loved ones or friends to have a good time and compete with them.
  • In order to climb the leaderboard, compare your results with those of other players.
  • As an additional source of enjoyment, addictive minigames

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