Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

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Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is an interesting online game where you need to purchase huge variety of guns


Super Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is the game for you if you prefer super hero games or gangster crime simulator games. where you ride a motorcycle or a car You play as a thug, and the entire city is afraid of you. The city's style is comparable to that of Miami or Las Vegas, yet it is actually New York.
Prepare to take your desire to new heights! Purchase a wide range of guns and use bullets and explosives to inflict damage on your opponents. Use the mini map to spot your opponents as they approach you and make it to the end. This is a high-octane shooter in which you take on the role of a deadly criminal tasked with completing all of the objectives. The gangster in this gangster stealing auto game has all the weapons he needs to battle and unravel auto city crime. As a result, have fun destroying the criminal gangster crime city and saving the town by exploiting your abilities. Key Game Features: -It's a free game -There are a lot of vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other vehicles) -There are a lot of weapons (auto machine guns, rocket launchers, and jet fighters) -There are a lot of vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other autos) Several vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other automobiles) - Numerous weaponry, ranging from auto machine guns to rocket launchers to jet packs and grenades - Different mission types: robbery, theft, killing, and saving, etc. - 3D open world environment - Unlock new and more powerful weapons - You can become a member of the gangster mafia in the city. - Picking a character and a costume - Sound effects and gangster cars that are realistic - Easy to use controls - A new nightclub where you may meet new individuals from all over the world. - You might be able to take part in a major event. - Unlock various automobiles - The sounds are engaging and attractive. - Various camera angles. - Create your own gangster style by customizing your character. - You can choose your own profile by typing in your own name.


W -Accelerate,

S -Backward,

A -Steer Left,

D -Steer Right,

C -Change Camera,

R-Reset Car,

Space – Jump,

L-Shift – Sprint / Nitro,

M -Map,

F -Car Enter/Exit,

I -Instructions,

P/Esc -Pause,

H -Horn,

Q -Roll,

E -Inventory,

Z -Radio