Grimace Only Up!
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Grimace Only Up!

Grimace Only Up!

The situation is just becoming more dire. The Grimace character adds an element of excitement to Grimace Only Up!. The primary objective entails the navigation and management of Grimace through a perilous environment replete with suspended entities and hazardous obstacles.

Grimace Only Up! Instructions

In the video game "Grimace Only Up," players assume the role of the flamboyant protagonist, Grimace. In order to achieve success in this game expeditiously, it is important to navigate the vertical terrain by ascending and strategically leaping from one floating object to another, while maintaining impeccable time and precision. The precise timing of jumps plays a crucial role in advancing and circumventing potential hazards. It is important to fully engage with compelling visual elements that vividly depict the cosmos of Grimace as one advances through higher levels.

Main Features

  • There exist numerous game modes centered around gore that serve to enhance the sense of excitement.
  • Parkour exhibiting verisimilar physics and expeditious responses.

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  • Only Up!control of a character navigating a vertical labyrinth replete with a diverse array of hazards.
  • WASD or Arrow key - movement
  • Space - jump
  • C - sit down
  • ESC - menu