Gun Mayhem Redux

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In the incredible action game Gun Mayhem Redux, you must aim precisely and fire without holding back if you want to stay alive and come out on top as quickly as possible.

How to Play

Gun Mayhem is a first-person shooter video game in which your opponents are controlled by the game's computer. In order to protect your position, you might make use of the weaponry that you have amassed. You will be required to put your talents to the test in order to overcome the many obstacles that stand in your way and make it as far as you possibly can.

If you are continually on the search for new weapons, you will be able to beat your enemies in a shorter amount of time. If you approach too near the edge, there is a good chance that you may fall in. You have access to a wide selection of lethal weapons that you may use to eliminate your rivals and seize control of the land below. You have the option of playing by yourself or creating a bespoke game with up to two more players.


  • A first-person shooting game that supports several players.
  • You won't be charged anything more to edit your characters.
  • Weapons that may be unlocked in the game
  • You have the option of playing a Custom Game or a Campaign.