Ice Cream Roller!
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Ice Cream Roller!

Ice Cream Roller!

Ice Cream Roller! is an outstanding agility game that is appropriate for players of all ages. It is imperative that you make your ice cream ball as large as it can possibly be.

The Instructions for Ice Cream Roller!

In order to win, all you need is an Ice Cream Roller! The more you roll your ice cream scoop into creamy places, the larger it will get and the more flavorful it will become. To ensure that the child who is waiting at the end will like the flavor, make sure that you remember to load it filled with delicious fruits. In order to complete this enjoyable task, you will need to think quickly and prepare beforehand.

Main Features

  • Fun and active gameplay
  • Simple controls that are simple to operate
  • Many Different Kinds of Activities
  • Get a large quantity of the components.

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