Jelly Shift 2

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Jelly Shift 2 gives you the ability to alter the shape of jelly in accordance with the area you have available.

Jelly Shift 2 instructions

Jelly Shift 2 is an excellent game for casual play. You have to mold your jelly in such a way that it can pass through all of the barriers in order to win. In order to personalize the appearance of your Jelly, you may select from a variety of costumes. Those who want to earn a good score should steer clear of difficulties. Playing Jelly Shift 2 allows you to explore hundreds of different levels. Every level has its own unique path to take.

Key Features

  • Participate in a game that is easy to understand yet difficult to master.
  • Accumulate and make use of a wide range of characters.
  • Have fun with your companions and make use of the features.

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