Master of Numbers

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In the relaxing and entertaining video game known as Master of Numbers, the objective is to gather and destroy all of the game's walls in order to accumulate the highest possible score.

The Instructions for Master of Numbers

A mathematically challenging and mind-boggling racing game awaits you in Master of Numbers! In order to steadily grow the amount that you have, you need to add up numbers that are either to or below you. To increase your chances of winning, you must first use the mouse to move your number, which starts with a "1," around the track before adding other numbers to it. Remember to steer clear of any red obstacles, gates, or traps that you encounter along the route, and work toward earning as many extra points as possible at the conclusion of each level! Have fun while putting your arithmetic abilities and your patience to the test.

Interesting Features

  • Explore the game's several difficulty settings, including Easy, Normal, and Hard, and see which ones you like.
  • A timer is included into each and every problem.
  • Make use of the alternatives to Skip and Get a Hint.
  • The games have been constructed to seem like they are made of wood.

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