Mini Monkey Mart

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In the entertaining Clicker game Mini Monkey Mart, you must assist the monkey in collecting ripe bananas and placing them on the counter.

Game Rules

Mini Monkey Mart is an excellent example of the type of game known as an idle or management game. You'll be conducting your work in a miniature version of the business itself while you're here. We promise that although it's designed for more compact businesses, you'll still have just as much pleasure and diversity in your work as you would if you were managing a larger establishment. This is our promise to you.

Place the bananas on the counter so that they may ripen. At this moment, there are already several clients that have arrived. Eggs from the chicken should be placed on the counter, and the chickens should be given bananas. With the money that you have saved up, you should invest in a firm that sells canned banana puree, wheat, and milk.

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