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Minicraft, a well-liked 2D action game, will leave you feeling fantastic. You have the freedom to construct anything from humble shacks to imposing strongholds.

Minicraft Instruction

You will need to gather resources in order to craft equipment that will allow you to chop down trees, dig for ore, and cultivate wheat. The map is surrounded by a border as well. Forest, desert, ocean, mountain, and plain are the five surface biomes that may be found in Minicraft. Water caverns, dry caves, and the intermediate zone between them make up the third cave biome. Having 10 of either health or energy is possible. The player's vitality and health both sit at 10. Yet, the body has the ability to rapidly restore its own energy.

You can play Minecraft to discover more weapons and tasks than Minicraft !


W, A, S, D or the |, -, |, and - keys to move and to scroll through the inventory

C or Space to attack

X to open the inventory

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