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Similar Games is a great FPS game where you have to use different weapons to beat all the other players from all over the world.

Instructions is an online FPS Shooter that lets you move. It is now available. It has AI bots and real-time players. Google Authentication makes it possible to deposit coins. You can join live battles with other real-life gamers or team up with friends to have even more fun. To win the game, you have to get as many points as you can before the round ends. To get the highest score possible on the leaderboard, you have to kill your opponents in the most creative and exciting ways. You can change your gear to become the best player and climb the leaderboards.


The game takes place at an unknown time and place in the future. It is a time when people have gone beyond the limits of technology and the world is at war with other planets.
Players will do PvP warfare in a number of classes, such as Defender, Saboteur, and Assault. Each class has skills and traits that are unique to it.
This feels more real and does twice as much damage. Made just for professionals.
For the game you play, you can make your own rules.
Online combat is an exciting thing to do. It's set in the future, and you can feel the excitement there. You can be right in the middle of every fight.

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