Nooby And Obby 2 Player

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In the exciting adventure game Nooby And Obby 2 Player, your primary objective is to take control of Obby and navigate through all of the challenges that you encounter.

Nooby And Obby 2 Player instructions

It is highly recommended that you check out Nooby And Obby 2 Player if you are a great lover of Obby games. All that is required of you in order to win this game is to leap over the pits and stay away from any red areas. You are also required to Additional gameplay concepts and a more challenging platform twist is waiting for you. 

Main Features

  • Graphics that are pixelated.
  • Immerse yourself in a variety of game modes. 
  • Your crew should be armed with formidable equipment and effects that can be used in combat.

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  • Use WASD to move and Space to jump.
  • Use Arrow Keys to move and P to jump.