Mini Obby War Game
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Mini Obby War Game

Mini Obby War Game

In the brand-new adventure game Mini Obby War Game, you will be tasked with aiming and firing at all of your opponents as you go on an Obby trip.

Instructions for Mini Obby War Game

Currently, you may engage in a game of Mini Obby War Game with Obby. You are tasked with defeating all of the adversaries and completing all ten stages while making use of every weapon. At the beginning of the match, you are only allowed to erect a certain amount of turrets. On the other hand, when you kill foes, you will also get resources that may be used to position turrets. 

Key Features

  • Safeguard the way that leads to your wealth.
  • Make use of potent spells to eliminate foes that are approaching in an instant.
  • In order to make your monsters more strong, you should upgrade them.

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