Basket Random

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Basket Random is one of the greatest two-player sports games available, and it challenges players to make a basket by pressing just one key while presenting them with a variety of various challenges.

How to Play

The arcade game known as Basket Random utilizes random mechanics and may support up to two players. You are welcome to play with us as we compete for the ball on a variety of courts. Your aim is to score as many field goals as you can while also battling for possession of the ball as much as you can. The fact that the stickman basketball players in the Basket random might behave in unexpected ways is the game's strongest feature. This is entirely unrelated to anything else.


Basketball players with a very high bounce
Levels and the game's mechanics may undergo arbitrary revisions.
Have some fun with a pal.
An interesting spin on the classic game of basketball.


The game may be played in a 1-PLAYER or 2-PLAYER format. Both variants are available. To get the status of 1 PLAYER, you will need to battle against the computer. Choose the 2 PLAYER option if you want to compete against your buddies.

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Single player mode

Use the "W" key to exercise control.

Two players mode

Player 1: To take control, press the "W" key on your keyboard.
Player 2: use the "Up Arrow" key on your keyboard.