Parkour Block 3
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Parkour Block 3

Parkour Block 3

Parkour Block 3 is an exciting online game in which you need to reach the purple doors and accomplish the stages


With this brand-new jumping adventure, Parkour Block 3 is constantly on the captivate its fans! With regard to your daily life, you must continue steadily to jump. Even though the ground is covered in lava, you must reach the gate.

To save lots of your daily life, jump from block to block. You might be manufactured from pixels in this adventure, but it generally does not imply that you are immortal. You're dead if you lose balance even a little. Is everything clear? Let's experience this adventure began, shall we?

You are going to enter an unhealthy world. Evil powers have destroyed the world, and we should now survive above the flames.

The purpose of this wonderful 3D skill game is to attain the purple doors and complete the stages. This journey has 43 challenging levels that you should complete. In the event that you step on the lava, you will die. 

When you initially start the overall game, your character is sitting on a brown block. Join these brown platforms to complete the purple door. You ought to have the courage to begin over even though you fall into the lava.


It is 3D graphics

It is an entertaining game

There are 43 challenging levels

It is intuitive to control


Control the view with your mouse and the WASD keys.

To leap, press the SPACE BAR. 

Since you progress through the overall game, the tough level will also increase. Don't have a step of progress without first looking in the direction you're going. 

Monitor your steps! All the best, and still have an enjoyable experience playing!