Penguin Hop
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Penguin Hop

Penguin Hop

Penguin Hop is an interesting online game in which you need to skip on lily pads in order to cross rivers


The penguin has gotten away! Cross the busy winter roadways in style. Skip through lily pads to cross rivers. Avoid getting squashed by the speeding cars! The controls are straightforward and easy to use. Tap to move ahead, swipe left, or ride to traverse horizontally.


There are various beautiful themes in this play for you to change your mood
You absolutely immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and happiness thanks to playing this game in addition to making friends with people from four corners of this world
This game is also suitable for kids
Without any fee and also downloading, you can play Penguin Hop
Controls that are simple and intuitive.
Collect coins to unlock new critters including walruses, huskies, elephants, and more. Dynamic terrain generation for never-ending gameplay


Hop across the congested winter highway.


You need to use your mouse to control this game

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