Push The Colors
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Push The Colors

Push The Colors

In order for you to prevail against the behemoth, you will need to get the cubes as rapidly as you possibly can in Push The Colors.

Push The Colors instructions

In this vibrant universe of Push The Colors, your objective is to grab blocks and alter their colors by going through a variety of gates. You will be taken to this realm. It is also necessary for you to gather outfits in order to complete this wonderful journey. It is possible for you to defeat the monster if you have a significant quantity of cubes. The power of each individual cube will increase as you accumulate a greater number of cubes in your possession.

Key Features

  • The controls are simple: simply swipe or drag to the rhythm.
  • One hundred and fifty smash hits
  • A wide selection of things and settings from which to pick

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Player 1:

  • Move Left/Right: "A and D" or "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS"
  • Push at the end: "W" or "UP ARROW" 

Player 2: 

  • Move Left/Right: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS"
  • Push at the end: "UP ARROW"
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