Red Ball
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Red Ball

Red Ball

If you're looking for a fun arcade game to play this holiday season and you want to have complete control over the action, then go no further than Red Ball, which has a Christmas theme.


Arcade has red ball, which is typically linked to ball games. Common game elements like cannons and falling weapons will make an appearance. If you make it to the red flag, you may go to the next test. This game takes the basic platformer formula and gives it a new spin.


The objective is to complete the race regardless of the difficulties encountered. Watch for police roadblocks as a precaution. You can always go back to the beginning if you make a mistake. You should expect your work to get more challenging as you go through the various phases. However, if you keep at it, you will eventually become number one. Your surroundings may either help or hinder you. You may use the accessible buttons and platforms to quickly reach your destination.

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