Sky Ski
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Sky Ski

Sky Ski

Sky Ski is a great adventure game where you have to slide while picking up gold and trying to unlock all of the characters.


On a snowy mountain slope, a short, square-headed man was skiing down. He went around the trees and picked up gold coins. To get around the trees, you just need to use arrows. The skier makes his own way down the mountain. On "TV," you can buy two more monsters with square heads, but these ones don't have horns. You can also buy a ninja with a red armband. You'll need to keep an eye on the skier because he's going very fast. A funny little guy on a black ski glides down a snowy slope. As he walks, he comes across big, green Christmas trees. You can move him with the left and right Arrow keys. You can find bounties along the edge of the slope, but you have to look for them. You can get richer by collecting points, and you might also get new heroes, like the same idiot with the green head and horns, the same idiot with the redhead and horns, and the same ninja in the black kimono. They are worth anywhere from 25 to 100 gold coins.


Color graphics that are two-dimensional

Improve your aiming skills

Fun boss battles

Weapons that can be used

Booster powers


Use Arrow Keys to control this game!

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