Slap & Run
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Slap & Run

Slap & Run

One of the most well-liked and widely played action-adventure games is called Slap & Run, and its objective is to rack up as many slaps as possible while avoiding obstacles and missiles that would cause you to move more slowly.

How to Play

Slap & Run is a fun and exciting arcade game that pushes you to become the finest run-n-run slapper in town. The game gives you the opportunity to compete against other players. You can escape being captured by the crowd if you avoid obstacles and missiles and continue to slap until you are unable to do so anymore.

You have control over your character even if he is the one really smacking you. Keep hold of your character and slide to the left or right to move them closer to their enemies. Do not forget to smile! Your hands will start to warm up as you move closer and closer to the end of the race. Put an end to your demonstrations by giving your last opponent a good punch and a good kick.

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