Slide The Ball

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Slide The Ball is a puzzle game suitable for individuals of all age groups. The objective of the game is to navigate a controlled ball while avoiding incoming shapes.

Instructions for Slide The Ball

In this game, the objective is to manipulate the ball's motion along a horizontal trajectory. Upon releasing the ball, the player will get access to a subsequent level of increased difficulty. The objective of this task is to manipulate wooden blocks in order to facilitate the movement of a ball along a designated pathway until it reaches its final destination. The objective of the task is to acquire all the stars and bonuses by successfully accomplishing the mission with little movement. Within the given context, there exist blue balls that, upon contact, have the ability to either cause the shapes to vanish or impede their movement, contingent upon the specific ball that is chosen for interaction.

Main Features

  • Engage in a multi-faceted experience of sweetness.
  • Rockets have been identified as an optimal method for effectively clearing a board.
  • Leverage power-ups strategically for the most benefit.
  • Engage in a diverse array of time-constrained activities.
  • Derive pleasure from engaging in recreational activities with companions.

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