Smash Karts

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Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a .io game - a 3D multiplayer kart challenge game where you'll need to provide your go-kart, pick up weapons, and inflate other karts to level up and unlock new character types and prizes to become the winner. 


Play the game to earn XP

You can expect to face off with other players in the arena within three minutes of the kart-smashing mayhem. You may use several maps to find. You should use XP that provides you in each open public game to level up. 

If you are at an increased level, you'll be rewarded coins, hats, wheels, and tokens.

Grab weapons

You might drive in the boxes that have question marks to get random weapons and power-ups.

You can find anything from invincibility to missiles, machine guns, and mines. 

Customize your kart

You can select from a wide collection of wacky little characters and karts. 

You can create it customized in the customize menu to purchase an array of karts, characters, hats, and holiday items. 


Action-packed multiplayer battles

Level up, earn coins and keep your stats

Numerous weapons from miniguns to bombs

Customized karts and characters


Use Arrow keys or WASD for moving

Space bar for firing weapons