Snowy Trucks Hidden

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Snowy Trucks Hidden game is a very commendable recreational pursuit throughout the winter season. The primary objective is to acquire a total of ten stars on every level.

The instructions for Snowy Trucks Hidden

Snowy Trucks Hidden is an online hidden-object game that may be accessed at no cost. In order to achieve victory, it is imperative to locate a maximum number of concealed things within the wintry thoroughfare. It is important to note that repeatedly clicking in an incorrect location will result in a decrease in the allotted time by an additional 5 seconds.

Main Features

  • Engage in a time-sensitive competition within this dynamically paced game.
  • Operate motor vehicles on courses that accurately simulate real-world driving conditions.
  • Experience the unparalleled excellence of world-class driving.
  • The pursuit of excellence in J-SPEC or S-SPEC races is characterized by a competitive endeavor to achieve the highest position.
  • Access the Leaderboards.

If one possesses expertise in online racing, it is highly likely that they will develop a like for Snowy Trucks Hidden. For further excitement, I recommend exploring Clean Road 3D and Super Mario Run. Acquire these games at no cost with a Snow Rider 3D.


Use your mouse to play or tap on the screen!