Stickman Gradient

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Stickman Gradient is a simulation game that is both entertaining and difficult to play. As you make your way through the streets of the city, evading hazards should be your top priority.

Instructions for the Stickman Gradient

You simply need to navigate your way through the game's most perilous platforms, which are littered with treasure chests and other obstacles, in order to win. While you are participating in the running game, you need to remain vigilant and watch out for any potential hazards that may come into play. The controls are quite smooth and responsive, making it very easy to avoid obstacles, gather power-ups and cash, and maneuver around them.

Amazing Features

  • In this exciting and challenging game, you will face off against some of your closest friends as competitors.
  • Incredible aesthetics combined with an engaging interactive experience
  • There are three distinct gameplay styles to choose from.
  • There are over 30 different Power-Ups that can be acquired and utilized in this game.
  • Your racers can each have their own unique appearance.

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  • PC: To move left and right: Arrow keys
  • MOBILE: To move left and right : Slide your finger.