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In the fantastic action clicker game Revenge, you may use any weapon to try to defeat every zombie in order to win.


In the video game Revenge, the city is to be completely destroyed by a lethal zombie army. You and your fellow survivors will need to take up arms and engage in combat in this plants vs. zombies game if you want to assume the heroic role of defending the city. The deadliest cod zombies games may be found online.


Dangerous zombies are there in the Revenge video game and are prepared to assault your city. You will have to defend the city as a brave human fighter with limitless potential. It's up to you and the other survivors to arm up and take on the undead. Zombies are deadly and evil!


  • You may take on and defeat over a thousand creatures at once!
  • Use one hand to go across the map!
  • A brand-new, limitless-combination rogue-lite skills experience.
  • Experience the heat at each stage with varying degrees of difficulty.
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