Tomb of the Mark 2
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Tomb of the Mark 2

Tomb of the Mark 2

You will face difficult challenges in an interesting adventure game - Tomb of the Mark 2, including lethal traps and scary opponents. In addition to that, it offers engaging gameplay mechanics.

Instructions for the Tomb of the Mark 2

In Tomb of the Mark 2, you will embark on an exciting journey through a labyrinth that is produced procedurally and has no end. You have a total of 20 levels to complete, and you will unlock each one individually, starting with the very first one. In order to go through each level, it is necessary for you to obtain all of the coins. It is recommended that you gather both coins and stars. You have the opportunity to obtain three stars at each level. Take control of all of them to raise your score!

Rule to Success

The objective of this game is to progress through each level by acquiring keys and prizes while avoiding the various adversaries that you encounter. To avoid danger, you can evade it by jumping over obstacles or adversaries like in Tomb of the Mask.

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